Secret Shopper Program

As part of my job responsibilities  I am in charge of the Secret Shopper Program. I post on various job websites and then pick the best resumes and call the candidates. The Secret Shoppers are required to go to our four San Lorenzo stores in Oahu and judge the overall customer service, layout, and cleanliness of the store. We send them a questionnaire that they look over before going into the store and then they fill it out and send it over to me when they are finished.

We try to schedule the Secret Shoppers to go as often as possible so that every employee can get Secret Shopped six times a month. Not only do I interview and schedule the Secret Shoppers for the Oahu stores, but I also do the same for our Maui store and our two stores in California. I give all the finished questionnaires to my boss where she goes over them with each store manager. If a sales associate gets a great Secret Shopper review they can get an incentive in their next pay period. I really like organizing this program because I get to interact with a lot of different people and see what customers truly think of our stores when they shop there.

San Lorenzo, Pucks Alley 


One comment

  1. That sounds like a really great program to be able to improve the overall experience of each of the San Lorenzo store. I also think that it keeps the employees on their feet to ensure they are treating every customer with the same enthusiasm and making each customer feel comfotable and helped while in the store.

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