After taking the class Visual Merchandising last year as a junior, I have been drawn to the many different ways that stores and smaller boutiques merchandise their floor. It is different for each store and each set of products they are trying to sell. Being in New York City it is fun to see all of the amazing window displays that lure customers in on the streets. More than window displays, I love to see how stores merchandise their products inside the stores. Some are very simple and some are very complex. Some stores organize their items by color and some organize by product category.

It is interesting to see how stores organize their products to guide the customer throughout the store. After being in my Visual Merchandising class I have noticed more now what techniques I think work the best and which ones are not as successful. One of my favorite stores to visit in NYC is called Opening Ceremony. The way they merchandise there store is so different and fun. There visuals are very unique and intriguing. Many other stores do not pay as close attention to detail and really tell a story throughout their store as well as Opening Ceremony does.


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