You Sound Like You’re From London

I’ve arrived in London! I’m so excited to be here! I was very nervous for the flight because I flew by myself and get very anxious when flying. Luckily I ended up passing out for most of the flight. I arrived at 10:00am London time and found the airport to be very efficient and easy to navigate. I met up with with my friend and roommate, Ashely, and ran into my classmate, Dana. My mom had ordered a car service and we were at our flat within less than an hour. We live in South Kensington and it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s such a quite, safe, and lovely area. Hyde Park is right near by and is great to go running in. Kensington Palace and other landmarks are in Hyde Park, which makes it a very enjoyable run.

I went to see Big Ben the first night I got to London with Ashley and my friend Tori, who studied abroad during spring term. I loved seeing it at night and later went to Big Ben during the day time for one of my classes. I’m really enjoying my classes so far! All my teachers are very knowledgable and friendly. They’re also very impressive and have had amazing experiences in the fashion industry and other industries. I’m excited to have all my classes this week. 
I’ve also had some incredible food while I’ve been here. There’s an amazing crepe place nearby our apartment. I got a toffee crepe, which was absolutely delicious! On our first day we grabbed lunch near some of the shops not too far away and went to a restaurant names, Cote. I had a delicious and very fresh Nicoise Salad. I’m so excited to try all the food when I travel with my friends We’ve already booked flights to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Prague! Plus we go to Paris for five days with our program. I’m so excited to be in London and to travel to other European countries! It’s going to be a summer I will truly never forget! 


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  1. So glad you got there safe! Your location sounds awesome, especially with the crepe place right next door. The toffee one looks amazing. Can't wait to see more of your posts from around London and the other places you are planning to visit. Let me know when you're coming to Prague!

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