I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

Rome is a city full of rich history, delicious food, a very relaxed lifestyle and fashion forward people. Speaking to the last one on that list, I made sure to pack all my best outfits in order to stand out like the incredibly chic men and women here. Unfortunately, packing chic meant packing heels- four pairs. No one warned me that Italy as a whole is filled with cobblestone streets and not filled with sidewalks. My first attempt at wearing heels was when my Contemporary Italian Music class went to the opera. We were told to dress elegant, and for me that means wearing heels isn’t an option. Four times losing my shoes later, I was so grateful that I packed flats in my clutch. It turns out that the trick to elegant dressing in Italy is to wear nice flats until you get to your destination. Once you arrive, you are free to hide behind a large Roman column or something to switch out your shoes. People will never know. While I may have figured out this easy trick to Italian dressing, there are many more for me to learn. I’m not doing it quite right yet (that’s for sure), but here are some Italian men and women that demonstrate what it means to have Italian style. I have asked many stylish Italians for their pictures- the language barrier is awkward, but it is universally flattering to be considered stylish!

Seen cleaning his store.
Taken after asking her for directions.
Seen on his lunch break.
Seen outside of the Galleria Nazionale D’Arte Moderna.
Lucky for me, I was given the opportunity to catch up to these ridiculously stylish individuals. This weekend marked the beginning of Italy’s biannual sale, which is very different from our sales in the States. At home, stores can put things on sale whenever they feel like it. In Italy, there are two sales every year that happen after the fall/winter seasons and the spring/summer seasons and because of some miracle, I am here during the spring/summer sale. I am horrible at spending money. I get retail anxiety every time I spend more than fifty dollars, but I convinced myself that I’d let myself splurge on this trip. When in Rome, right? Today consisted of seven hours of straight shopping, fighting Italian women over Italian made designer clothes, and eating only once. Three things I would usually never do. My favorite shopping experience of the day was the Alberta Ferretti store. Not only is Alberta Ferretti my favorite designer, but she is apparently coveted by women all over Italy (which would make sense because she is based in Milan and Cattolica). As soon as I stepped inside the small boutique, I needed to put my game face on. I instantly heard and saw Italian women going absolutely crazy. Dresses were being thrown and pulled from the racks so fast that I could barely keep up. While everyone was going wild and screaming over the half priced dresses, I headed straight for the tops where I found a beautiful blush pink knit top with cutout flowers. As soon as I tried it on, I knew it had to be mine. The Alberta Ferretti store ended up being the full Italian shopping experience, and I am proud to say I escaped yesterday alive and with a piece from my favorite designer. I came, I saw, and I conquered that Italian sale! Now it’s time to find some cheap places to eat for the rest of my trip…. 


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  1. I love that you were able to get pictures of some of the stylish people that you have seen! It is such a great example of how fashion can connect people despite the language barrier. You are so lucky that you got to go to the Alberta Ferretti sale. Her clothes are beautiful and Im sure that the shirt you got will be something you can wear forever! Congrats on conquering the sale!

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