So Much in Just One Week

I’m not sure where to begin exactly.  This past week I have seen and experienced so much of Paris. Every new day comes with new adventures and sightseeing.
Last I wrote I was still luggage-less, finally on my 8th day in Paris IT ARRIVED!  Now that I finally have all my belongings I’m fully ready to take on Paris.
Thursday morning was orientation, we had a little welcome event at the school and got introduced to the program and staff.  My program is Luxury Academy where I will be exploring all the different aspects of the industry. After reviewing our schedule I became all that more excited.  Every morning I have one class which the topic varies daily,  then my day is followed by a field trip in the afternoon. Friday was a field trip to Madeleine church followed by exploring the surrounding areas.  We walked by all the fashion houses which was very cool to see. Monday our trip was to Baccarat, the crystal manufacture. Tuesday was to Colette, the concept store. Lastly, today was an all day trip to the Champagne region in Epernay where we got a tour of the Champagne houses and caves and ended with a tasting. With all these trips taking place in just week one, I can tell I’m really going to like it here! Getting to actually witness the luxury industry in person during our trips gives me a complete visual and better understanding of the field as opposed to just learning everything in a classroom setting.

Over the weekend we celebrated 4th of July at the Eiffel tower as we watched the tower light up at night while enjoying a little picnic.  Now matter how far away I may be I will still always show my love for the U.S.

Sunday came and we went to the Centre Pompidou which is the modern art museum.  While walking around the exhibits I recognized many pieces that were discussed in my Art History 103 class. 
Exhibit from the museum

Fountain – Marcel Duchamp (mentioned in ARTH 103) 
Lastly, we ended the weekend at Sacre-Coeur where we got one of the most beautiful views of Paris. 
Sacre-Coeur – Roman Catholic church 

Finally my first crepe experience – Chocolate and bananas
Next week there is even more on my agenda! There truly is an endless amount of stuff to do in Paris.


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