I didn’t go to work this week. I didn’t even go to most classes this week. Exactly one week ago I lost an extremely important woman to me, my grandmother. When you hear of someones grandparents passing you don’t think much of it because it happens often; people get old. My mother raised my brother and I as a single mom, so my second legal guardian was my grandmother, Marge. She taught me how to bake, set the table, make tea, do crossword puzzles, and garden. She brought me clothes shopping and drove me to cheerleading practice. She even made it to my high school graduation in a wheelchair with a broken leg.
The loss of a loved one hurts, but the loss of three loved ones hurts even more. My life is a never ending cycle of “excitement”. Two days before Marge past, we had to put down my cat, Saxon, due to tumors. We had no idea he had cancer, he was only nine years old. I feel the loss of my cat prepared the family for my grandmothers passing. My mother says people die in threes. I don’t believe that because I believe in facts and science. Just last night my cousin Michael passed away. That is three deaths within the span of nine days.
So I guess I have to say my mother is right, maybe death does happen in threes.

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