Business Casual

Transitioning from college classes to a professional job requires some wardrobe tweaking. With morning classes (and by morning I mean 10am) I would just roll out of bed and go to class in whatever clothes I grabbed off the ground. It was a huge awakening when I had to wake up at 6am to get ready for work at 8am. I started co-op last summer and I found myself so lost as to what was appropriate to wear. My denim shorts, crop tops, and strapless maxi dresses were definitely not appropriate. I immediately hit the stores to see what professional outfits I could wear in the dreaded heat. Here are two of my favorite job appropriate outfits for some inspiration if you need to shop for your co-op!

This look is from the store New York & Company. A perfect deep blue fit and flare summer dress. The main reason this is appropriate enough for work is because the length hits right before the knee and the straps cover the shoulders. Since it is such a basic dress a statement necklace is a perfect accent. The colors of it, peach and white, add a more summery feel.

This is for when I’m feeling fun! I found this outfit to be my perfect Friday look because it’s flashy enough to go for drinks with colleagues at happy hour after closing. The dress is by Free People from the department store Lord & Taylor. Because the dress has skinny straps I needed to add a throw-over to cover my shoulders. The throw-over is an amazing find at Nordstrom Rack for just $12! It is 100% polyester so it is extremely light. I just love how different the two pieces are yet they work together so well with the black and white patterns on the dress, and the mix of black and white pattern with bright florals on the throw.


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