Buying, Buying, Buying

Today at work we spent all day buying apparel for August, September, and October. It was an all day event of staring at buying sheets, coming up with new graphics, and trying to come up with how much we should buy.

These are photos of the RAZ report we look off to see how much we have on hand, on order, and how much was sold. We write down how much of a piece we have to buy which can range from 12 pieces all the way up to 295 pieces of the same shirt just in different colors and graphics. Once we know how many pieces we need to order we then break down how much of each size we should order. This takes a lot of mental math, which is something I’m brushing up on. I love days of buying. It combines both math and creativity. This is the perfect combination for me. 

One comment

  1. I've never been involved with the buying process at a company but it seems awesome. I like the combination of creativity along with math. I think I would really enjoy the buying process. That's great that you are getting buying experience. Good luck with the rest of it!

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