New Store Location

The San Lorenzo brand has been rapidly expanding in the past year. But recently, the owner announced that there would be a fifth location coming to Oahu. The location will be on the west side of the island and in a popular mall called Pearl Ridge. The new store will be located in between MAC and Sephora; it couldn’t be a more perfect location. Although my internship would be over before the new store opened I still got to help with as much as possible.
Since my boss is the district manager she was basically in charge of opening the store herself. Right away we posted hiring adds on Craigslist and on our career website. Once the applications starting flowing in my boss and I began calling and doing mini phone interviews and also scheduling in person interviews. It was a great experience to be able to be on the other side of an interview for once. I will use this experience to improve my interviewing skills.

Not only did we do the interviewing but we also visited the space many times. I helped her order all the electronics for the store and pick out the model canvas pictures that would be hanging around the store. It was awesome to be able to talk to my boss about what brands she was going to carry in the store, what styles, sizes, etc. I really got to see the beginnings of opening a major retail store.



  1. Being on the other side of an interview is something I so badly wish I could do. Interviewing for positions was so nerve wracking that being on the other side, I feel, would be so beneficial. I honestly would love to hear more about how the interviews went! Were you a bit lighter (not as harsh) to the interviewees since you were just recently in their position? Being a current employee, did you have extra questions than your boss because you are directly in the field and need to know if they can do what you do?

  2. That sounds so amazing, to be apart of probably the most difficult part in retail.. getting a new store up and running and under the guidance of the district manager sounds really great! Also to be able to be on the other side of the interviewing process is really important. Now you can totally use some of those tidbits to your advantage

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