Who Is The Typical Parisian Woman?

For the past few weeks I have been studying the Parisian luxury market. It is very similar to the typical DSMR classes I have taken before; however, Paris has a completely different kind of market with a different kind of woman. Who is the typical Parisian women? Americans and Parisians have different beliefs on who she really is.

1. The Parisian Women According Americans 

The typical Parisian woman, according to Americans, is the perfect woman. She is completely done up with the perfect hair, perfect lipstick, perfect dress, and an amazing pair of high heels. This woman wears large sunglasses and high heels everywhere she goes. She does not own sneakers or sweatpants. She spends her day smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and looking fabulous.  
2. The  Parisian Woman According to Parisians 

The typical Parisian woman, according to Parisians, is classic and subdued. Like the American perspective, this woman wears heels that usually matches her purse. She usually wears muted colors and loves the color black. Her hair is slightly unkempt and her lips are red. This woman never leaves the house without her red Chanel lipstick. This woman also drinks coffee and smokes cigarettes. A cup of coffee and a cigarette will act as her lunch. That is why she stays so skinny. 
I’ve been roaming around Paris for three weeks now and I have not seen any of these women that I have described above. So who is the typical Parisian woman! 
3. The True Typical Parisian Woman 

The typical Parisian woman is relaxed. She doesn’t wear her heels everywhere. She mainly wears sandals. It is true that Parisian women do not usually wear sneakers. She does not always wear lipstick and her bag does not always match her shoes. She does drink coffee and smokes cigarettes, but she also loves to eat. Her clothes aren’t too tight. She is comfortable. The typical Parisian woman doesn’t have the perfect hair but it isn’t a mess. She is stylish, but not overdone. This is the typical Parisian woman. If you think about it, she is more like us then we all seem to think (or even Parisians seem to think).



  1. Great idea for a post! I had a French roommate for a couple of months and she would always laugh at Americans perspectives of Europeans in general so I found your post to be so funny and accurate. I agree, I feel like we are more similar to the true Parisian woman (not all of America, but at least us fashionistas) than we may realize but sometimes it's still nice to think of them as this perfect woman as someone we would like to be. It is also interesting to realize that our vision of Europeans is usually wrong, as I realized the same about the Irish!

  2. I love this post! I completely agree with everything you wrote. When I went to Paris the Parisian women is very relaxed. I agree with you that's she's stylish but not overdone. I was surprised when we went out at night because I expected the women to be dressed up but everyone was very much dressed down. I also agree with you that the Parisian women is very simple and just wants to be comfortable. Loved this post! Glad that you're having fun in Paris!

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