Czeching Out Prague

This past weekend I went to Prague with my four travel buddies: Gina, Ashley, Jackie and Julia. Of course the weekend we went there was a heat wave and was 95 degrees! Since Europeans for some reason do not believe in AC, we were dying the whole trip. Regardless of the heat, Prague is a beautiful city! The architecture is stunning and it’s so peaceful. One of our first stops was the John Lennon Wall. I’m a big Beatles and John Lennon fan so that was really cool to see. There was a man singing Beatles songs and playing guitar next to the wall and he sounded EXACTLY like John Lennon. It was insane! It was somewhat emotional seeing the wall knowing that John Lennon is dead. He was such an influential man who believed in peace and love. I loved seeing all the drawings and reading the messages people had written. I left my mark and wrote my name. I’ve had The Beatles songs stuck in my head ever since going to the wall.
Since it was so hot we had ice cream or gelato every day. The food was really good in Prague! There’s this pastry called a Chimney Cake. It’s sweet, crunchy, nutty, and you can add ice cream, cream, or chocolate to it. It was delicious! The hotel we stayed at also had a restaurant, which was one of the best meals we had on the trip. We had a caprese Carpaccio salad and yummy pistachio and shrimp pasta.
On Saturday we went on a three and a half hour bus, walking and boat tour. This was great because we got to see almost all of Prague in a short amount of time. We went to the Prague Castle, which was beautiful. There’s so much gothic and baroque art everywhere in Prague. Our hotel was in Old Town, which was a perfect location because all the big tourist attractions are near it. Prague is also very cheap, which we loved because everything in London is so expensive. We went to a consignment store and I got an Alexander McQueen scarf that was originally marked at $500 for $175. The scarf is beautiful and I’ve never seen a design like it. Since I didn’t buy anything for myself in Paris I decided I would splurge and buy the scarf.

Prague was a beautiful city and I definitely want to go back one day. Our next stop this weekend is Amsterdam! I’m so excited! My cousin lives there so I’m excited to see her as well as go to Anne Franks house, all the museums, Heineken tour, and canal tour. Can’t wait!  

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  1. So happy to see you loved Prague. I am planning a weekend trip and I am trying to decide between Prague, Amsterdam and Belgium. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to do them all. The fact that Europeans do not believe in AC is something I am finding very hard to understand however have been lucky because Ireland is usually cool. Definitely post about your trip to Amsterdam, I am hoping it will help me decide between the two!! Have fun!

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