Skirt Rittenhouse

It was recently announced that Skirt will be opening its third location in Rittenhouse! The first location is in Bryn Mawr, the second in Stone Harbor, NJ and the Rittenhouse store is set to open in mid August. I honestly think this location is the perfect for our target market. Our merchandise is aimed towards working, successful women who follow trends and are constantly looking for unique pieces to add to their wardrobe. Rittenhouse is full of working women who are willing to spend money on quality clothing. Also, the surrounding stores price points are complimentary with ours which puts Skirt right into the competition. We have been featured in a lot of local news articles including and the Philadelphia Inquirer. People are really excited about the new location because Skirt really offers quality services to our customers. As a stylist at Skirt, we all have client books that we keep and we use the books to keep track of customer purchases. For instance, if a customer comes in looking for denim and ends up purchasing 4 pairs of a certain style, or a certain brand, then I will copy their receipt and put it in my book along with notes about the customer. Then, in a few weeks, I will go back into my book and call or text the customer letting her know that we received a new shipment of the denim that she likes, or that we got in some tops that would look great with her recently purchased jeans. This type of personal service really makes the customer feel special and has been the signature at Skirt and the reason behind its success. I can’t wait to see the store when it opens and its success!

Here are some links to articles that were written about Skirt Rittenhouse:

This is an image from our Bryn Mawr location which the Rittenhouse location will be using to follow the same aesthetic. 

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