A new day, a new adventure

This weekend my three friends and I went to Nice.  We were planning to go for a while and finally booked our tickets…. 2 days before we had left. Last minute planning did get us into a little bit of trouble but luckily we made the best of it and had a nice and exciting weekend to say the least.

View of Nice from the plane 

The beaches there were beautiful.  I had never seen one quite like these before, back home I am used to walking in sand while at the beach.  In Nice they have no sand, it is all rocks.  Yes, it was very hard to walk on but I was surprised that it was okay to lay on with a towel.  The water was crystal clear and the temperature was perfect.  Usually I’m not one to go in the water because I always hate how cold it is but here I just hopped right in.

Definitely not finding sand here 
View from the Promenade 

The next day we went snorkeling and I have to say it was one funnest things I have done so far while abroad. We suited up in wet suites which wasn’t the most fashionable thing, threw on our flippers and goggles and headed out on a little boat to the destination.  The whole excursion was only supposed to be about 2 hours but since it was just the four of us on the boat with our instructor it was very personalized and we ended staying out for over 3 hours.  The views were beautiful and it was so cool to be able to get so close to the fish.

Although the weekend went by so fast, it was so nice to see another part of France!

Another highlight of my week would be last night! We went to Refuge des Fondus in Montmartre. As I walked in I have to say it was nothing like I was expecting.  All I smelt was cheese and it looked like a little whole in the wall.  However, my perception of this place changed in seconds! We ended up sitting next to American’s who made the meal all that more fun.  For me not knowing much French, when I bump into fellow American’s I can’t be any more excited!  As soon as we sat down they bring your drink in baby bottles and serve you endless amounts of fondue.  We cooked our own meat and dipped our bread in the cheese.  This place was so much fun. Definitely an experience that I will never forget.  


The walls were covered with signatures, so of course I had to
 leave my mark there and sign it as well 

Coming down to our last few days in Paris before we leave for London I’m trying to get in all the last minute things I still need to see before I leave. I can’t believe I have already been here for 4 weeks and the program is almost halfway over!  However, I’m so excited for the second half of it in London!



  1. Nice looks amazing! I wish I had the time to go with you guys. The rocks are a bit different, but I absolutely hate sand because it gets EVERYWHERE. So, I think I would get use to the rocks and end up liking it. The fondu place looks really cool too. The baby bottles are interesting but I don't know if I will like sucking down wine lol. Glad you are making the most of France. So excited to see what London has to offer.

  2. We went to the Fondue restaurant too and thought it was so fun! A lot of other people in our program didn't enjoy it so glad to hear Ashley, Olivia and I weren't the only ones who liked it. Hope you have a great last few days!

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