Thursday, the first day, in a while, that it wasn’t unbearably hot out. The weather was beautiful with the hot sun and a slight breeze. My boyfriend, Joe, and I decided to venture to some of the pop-up gardens. Today we walked to Spruce Street Harbor and it was amazing. A great aspect I would like to highlight is the amount of food huts and drink/snack bars there were. I even got a little taste of Franklin Fountains delicious ice-cream from their food hut there. The actual beer garden area is a ‘U’ shaped dock, having a water garden in the middle. There were large multi-color Adirondack chairs and, my favorite part, nets above the water you could lay on. There were tons of little seating areas to gather and enjoy a drink. Parents even brought their children to play in the sand area. Being in such a beautiful setting I almost forgot I was in a city. It is so important to give yourself a break. Work and school are, of course, the top priority but make time for your own sanity. Having classes and work all week, relaxing near the water with a beautiful view, was exactly what I needed to clear my mind. I highly recommend going to the Spruce Street Harbor this summer, it is a beautiful atmosphere.


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