Off Days Activities: Hiking

On my rare days off from my two jobs I spent a lot of time hiking different trails throughout the island. I had never really been hiking before I went to Hawaii but I loved it when I was there. One of my favorite trails was Manoa Falls. It’s about a mile trail up a mountain to a scenic waterfall. Many major movies and TV shows have been filmed at this location such as, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Lost. While on the hike we saw an entire crew filming scenes for an unknown movie.

We picked a perfect day because it is usually raining all the time on that trail, but it did not rain when we went. It was like hiking through a tropical rainforest, a bit muddy and difficult at times but once you reach the top the view of the waterfall was worth it. I also hiked the cliffs around the west side of the island as well mountains overlooking enclosed reefs. It was amazing being able to travel around the island finding hidden spots.


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