Au revoir Paris, Hello London

After a quick 4 weeks it finally came time to pack up all of our stuff and head to London! Although it was so sad to leave Paris, I was so excited to get to London.  However, it felt like we would never make it there since we came about 6 minutes away from missing our train.  Leaving Paris not knowing when the next time ill see it again made me very sad.  My 4 weeks there went by so fast,  I couldn’t believe that leaving Paris meant that we were halfway done our time here in Europe.  However, I tried not to get emotional and look at the positive side.  Knowing I have a whole new country ahead of me got me super excited.

As we got to London, I immediately fell in love.  That fact that everyone spoke English was amazing for me since I had such a hard time communicating with people while in Paris.  The neighborhood we live in was like a dream, truly a once in a life time experience to be living in South Kensington. Although when we arrived it was rainy and cold, I still was overjoyed to be in London.  The next few days were pretty cold.  Definitely not what I was expecting and neither what I was prepared for.  We were told that the day we arrived was the first rain shower London had seen in about a month.  However, that did not stop us. On the first day we had a bus tour around London and tickets for the Parliament.  
That night we explored Piccadilly, it reminded me of a tiny Times Square.  The area was so fun and hip.  A few days later we had returned to Piccadilly to see a show, 39 Steps.  I can already tell I’m definitely going to be spending a lot of time there.  
Sunday happened to be another rainy day so it was hard to explore the city.  Instead we spent some time in Harrods and ended at The Tea Room.  Definitely a very nice experience! There were so many flavors to chose from, after a couple of minutes going back and forth I finally chose the English Rose. I sure made the right choice.  When I opened the lid to my teapot I found little roses floating around. Although i’m not a huge fan of tea, my taste was completely changed.  I would love to try as many tea rooms as I can while in London. 
Our first week here is almost coming to an end and I can’t believe how fast it has gone by!  This weekend I will be going to Dublin.  I am so excited to see a new country, new cultures and add new experiences to my travels! 

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