Fall Winter 2015

Working in a small boutique is very different than working in a large retail store. In a small boutique, working with one designer, there are only two main deliveries that we deal with. We have a Spring/Summer shipment as well as a Fall/Winter shipment. Of course we reorder merchandise if need be. Because I have only been working since May, I have been working on the floor with the Spring Summer collection. This past month in July, we have had many changes in the store. Most stores in SoHo, like ours, already have their full fall collections on the floor and all Spring Summer clothing is discounted above 50% off or are sold out.
We have received our first order for the Fall/Winter collection as well. We have a small section of fall clothing on the floor and the rest of the store is the discounted spring and summer clothing and shoes. Most of our spring and summer merchandise is 50-70% off already. Although most stores do have their fall collections out already, I have found it difficult to sell knee high leather boots in 90 degree heat! As we are gradually selling out of our summer collection and moving into fall I have found that most people are drawn into the store when they see our fall clothing and shoes in the window. The fall collection is very eye-catching and unique. We have already almost sold out of all of our winter bags that we just got in last week. The designer uses very minimalist designs with outstanding fabrics and silhouettes. One item that everyone loves is a red taffeta skirt from our fall collection. The silhouette is a simple high waist hoop skirt, but the color and material makes it stand out.

We have also began our showroom downstairs, below our store of the Spring Summer 2016 collection for wholesale presentations. This is when buyers will come in to view the samples of the collection and purchase what they want for their store next spring. It is so exciting to see how everything works for a small designer and how much goes into the clothing and shoes so far in advance from when they are actually sold.

Some of the Fall/Winter Shoes and Accessories
Detail of Fall/ Winter Platform Boot

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