My Date With Kait

This is Kaitlyn Smith. She is my designated Thursday travel buddy since we both do not have Thursday classes. Today, we decided to stay local and go on a little adventure in London. Our plan was to wander around a few major neighborhoods and get a little lost. 

First stop: Muriel’s Kitchen 

Muriel’s Kitchen is this cute little cafe in South Kensington. Here, I had a traditional English breakfast and she had the blueberry pancakes. Both dishes were pretty amazing. Muriel’s has a pretty good mix of cute and hardy. It kind of reminds me of a restaurant I would go to back home in the South.

Second Stop: The V&A Museum

Our original plan was to go the Alexander McQueen Savage Exhibition.  Unfortunately, all of the tickets were sold out. Since that was a bust, we decided to move on to our next destination. 

Third Stop: Camden Town

In Camden, Kaitlyn and I stumbled across this huge flee market. It was like a maze of tacky clothing, souvenir shops, and street food. It was awesome. We did say in the beginning that we wanted to get a little lost. Well, in this market, we got very lost. It took us about two hours to make it through the entire thing. 

Fourth Stop: Leicester 

Originally, Kaitlyn and I were going to go to Piccadilly, but then I saw a sign in the subway that said London Film Museum. I had to go see that. We ended up taking the Leicester stop and wondered around the square. Out of all the places we visited, this was my favorite. We got to see Chinatown, Covent Garden Market, and the Courtauld Institute of Art. Everything was so beautiful. We got so distracted that I totally forgot about the London Film Museum. 

Fifth Stop: Home 

I feel like I just walked back to The States. My feet are killing me. But, to say the least, today was an amazing day. I cannot wait to go on more Thursday adventures. Next time, it will be out of London. 


  1. I love Muriel's Kitchen! They have the best breakfast/brunch! You went to Camden, the V&A, and Leicester! Wow you did so much in one day! We need to hang out soon! I've been so crazy busy the past two weeks because our classes end this week. I'm so glad you're exploring London and doing so much! Let's hang out soon!

  2. Muriel's Kitchen is delicious! They have the cutest decorations ever. I haven't been to Camden Market yet, but I'm actually going with one of my friends this weekend, so I'm super excited!

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