A Nice Surprise

            After a stressful week of finishing papers and projects I was lucky to end the hectic week with a weekend visit by my boyfriend, James. This was a very last minute decision and he only booked his flight a week before he came. I was so excited to see him! I’ve missed him so much! James has never been to London before so I took him to the touristy places and around where I live in South Kensington. I took him to my favorite crepe place in South Kensington where we had delicious crepes. We then went to Big Ben and walked around the area and then to Buckingham Palace. James was very confused by the traffic and cautious about which direction to look when crossing the street.
That night we got dinner with one of James’s close friend’s and his girlfriend who happened to be in London at the same time. We had dinner at this restaurant that I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about called, Bumpkin. James told me he wanted traditional British food and this was the perfect place. It’s a British Brassier so it couldn’t get more British. James got the fish and chips and I got the duck. It was a delicious meal and I definitely want to go back for brunch before I leave London. That night we went to my favorite night club, Libertine, and danced the night away. They play such great music! James’s younger brother, Alex, previously studied abroad in London this past year and told James Libertine was the place to go. Luckily it lived up to the hype and James has a blast!
The following morning we had a lazy start and then I took James to a local Italian market/restaurant around the corner from my flat. All the food is imported from Italy and everyone who works there speaks Italian. The food is absolutely incredible! We were starving and everything looked so good that we had to try a little of everything. We got spaghetti carbonara, tomato, cucumber, feta salad, a tomato and mozzarella panini, and a meat and cheese board. Everything was amazing! James couldn’t stop raving about the food.

James left later that afternoon and headed back to New York City for work on Monday. It was such a quick trip but I’m so glad he came. Only 3 more weekends till he’s back and then we’re going to Mykonos with friends for a week. I can hardly wait!

One comment

  1. So glad he came to visit you! I remember you telling me about that before you left. The Italian market looked absolutely amazing. And I am definitely going to check out Libertine when I stop in London!

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