When in Dublin….

This past weekend was spent in Dublin.  Although it was a short trip, it was well worth it.  Dublin was not top on my list of places to travel to while abroad but I must say I was so happy I decided to go.  Originally we had planned to go to Amsterdam but since it was so last minute it wasn’t possible. That being said, Amsterdam will be saved for another weekend!

After 2 trains, 1 ferry and 10 hours later we finally arrived in Dublin.  We pulled up to our bed and breakfast and could not get over how perfect the location was and how welcoming the people were. We were a quick taxi drive into the city center and right across the street from a little beach.

The Liffy River
When in Dublin…. you must tour the Guinness Factory so of course that was our first stop.  Seeing how much work goes into making one pint of beer was crazy. My favorite part of the experience was at the end when you learn how to pour your own beer and then head up the the Gravity Bar that looks over the whole city of Dublin.  
That night we explored the Temple Bar area! There was so much to do and see there.  Everyone just gathers in the narrow streets. There are horse and buggys all throughout the streets which kind of made me feel as if I was back in Philly.

The next day we took a tour of the Dublin Castle.  The castle was unlike any of the others we had seen before.  The outside had a very unique look, that of which I enjoyed a lot more than the actual inside of the castle.  

As the day came to an end we quickly had to get back to our b&b, pack up and head to the ferry. Although I was definitely not looking forward to the 10 hours trip back to London, you can’t complain when you’re heading back to one of the greatest cities ever.  I was sad to leave Dublin, the weekend went by way too fast but I guess that means I’ll have to make my return.  Next time in Ireland I really would love to see the cliffs since we did not have enough time to do it on this trip.
Until next time! 

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  1. So happy you were able to make the trip to Dublin! I went two years ago and thought the city was so quaint and incredibly fun. I didn't get to see the castle when I went so I am happy you posted pictures of that and enjoyed it!

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