The big project of the week was to re-merchandise the gift-ware section of the store. Sales have been down, which is very unusual, considering they have the highest turnover rate in the store. We categorize “gift-ware” as pennants, lanyards, key chains, glassware, water bottles, stickers, and our higher end pieces such as engraved gold and silver pens, clocks, and picture frames. The three of us GM employees worked on cleaning and rearranging to highlight the newer and most popular items. I had fun with these two fixtures specifically because they involved coming up with a theme to connect the pieces together that make sense. For instance, we had lapels with the key chains when they belonged with the bow-ties. It was so fun thinking the process through; to display as effectively as possible in order to make them more appealing to customers.


One comment

  1. These fixtures look great! I hope now that they are re-merchandised, sales on gifts go back to normal. The way you paired things together makes the entire fixture more cohesive. Good job, keep it up!

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