Graduated from London College of Fashion

I’ve officially graduated from London College of Fashion! All my papers and projects were handed in and finally it was time to celebrate everything I’ve accomplished within the last eight weeks. London College of Fashion threw all the different fashion programs an end of the summer celebration. There were pitchers of Pimm’s, gin and tonics and we each got a delicious cupcake. Basia, the head of our program, gave speeches and different students presented their work from the program. We also got London College of Fashion tote bags! It was a great way to end the program. We will than start our next class, Trend Forcasting, with Basia this week, which I’m looking forward to. 
After the party we were starving because they didn’t give us real food so we went to a pizza place in South Kensington called Franco Manca. A bunch of girls in my flat have gotten take out from there and the pizza always looks and smells delicious! And it was delicious! I might even say it was one of the top pizza’s I’ve ever had. It was so fresh and flavorful and old school Italian.
The following day Gina, Ashley and I went to Camden Market and Brick Lane. I loved Camden Market! They were so many different food vendors as well as clothing, accessories and different knickknacks to buy. I got a pair of earrings and necklace that I absolutely love from this one vendor. Camden was very busy! We went on a Saturday afternoon so I expected it to be busy but there were too many people pushing and shoving, which I hate. After Camden Market we went to Brick Lane where there’s also great shopping! Lots of fun vintage shops too! We walked passed a sample sale and I ended up buying a beautiful long mustard color dress that fit like a glove for only £30! I’m so in love with the dress. I’m still figuring out where I’ll wear it but had to buy it because it fit so well and was such a great price. Since it was so hot on Saturday I had to have ice cream so I ended up going to this frozen yogurt place called, The Sloane Bros Frozen Yogurt. I tried something new and got caramel popcorn on my ice cream with caramel sauce. It was yummy!

Since we didn’t have class on Monday, we went to The Tower of London and saw the Crown Jewels, armory, dungeon and different sections within it. I didn’t realize how big The Tower of London was! We spent half a day there walking around because there was so much to see. We figured it be not as busy because it was Monday but it was still very crowded! Overall, I had a fun and adventurous weekend in London. This weekend I’m going to Barcelona and cannot wait! Hopefully it’ll be sunny and we can go get tan at the beach!


  1. First things first, CONGRATS! As the program is finishing up, Camden is next on my list of places to go in London and I will have to add that fro-yo to the list. I am excited to check out that market, I have been looking for unique gifts to bring home for some people. Something that does not say ' I love London ' in big awful letters. Barcelona should be amazing, you definitely deserve a nice short vacation on the beach after finishing your program at LCF! Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

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