Sidewalk Sale

Now that the end of summer is nearing (sadly) my boss decided it was time to clear out our summer merchandise and make room for the pre-fall and fall shipments that we have been receiving. We have had a sale section in the store for awhile now but customers didn’t seem to be shopping it and the clothing was just sitting there, even though we had continued to mark it down! The whole sales team came together and thought of a way to have a mega blow out sale to get rid of all this summer clothing. We came up with the idea of a sidewalk tent sale with all different tents that had different priced merchandise in it, but nothing would be over $100. This is a steal for customers considering that some of our merchandise is retailed at $500! So we knew this would be a hit and bring a lot of traffic into the store. There was only two weeks to prepare for this madness so we began posting about the sale on social media and to make the deal even sweeter, we arranged for the Mr.Softee ice cream truck to come for the sale.

The sale was a huge success!! It was just this past Saturday and it began at 10 and we didn’t get out of there until around 8 that night. I was on the register pretty much the entire time ringing in sale after sale. People were loving it and even thought the clothes were priced fairly cheap, many customer’s still managed to spend over $1,000 which is great for the store! We ended up having one of the best total sales for the year. After everything was over and the racks were stripped clean, we decided this was such a success that we are going to hold it every year and make it our annual sidewalk sale!


One comment

  1. This is so awesome! Mainly because it was a win win and you were able to be part of the inception of a new annual event. I also love the added mr. softee truck. Seems like a great expierence

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