Every year my family rents a house down the beach in Ocean City, NJ. This past week, the first week of August, my whole was going to be down the beach at the same time. I thought that I was not going to be able to make it because I work during the week, but my boss was nice enough to give me off the entire week so I could spend time at the beach with my family! It was so nice to be able to get a week off to see my family and friends since I am usually working 6 – 7 days a week because I have two jobs. I was able to enjoy the beach and the good food from down the shore! Now that I am back in the city and back to work I am super busy catching up on emails and projects that I missed. Although the beach was fun, I am excited to be back to finish the last month and a half of my internship!



  1. My family loves staying at Ocean City, NJ! It has some of the most beautiful Jersey beaches. I'm so happy you got to have a fun time but I COMPLETELY understand the coming back to a thousand emails. Nothing is more fun than going through tons of emails for hours, after a fun vacation.

  2. That is really great that you got to take some time off and enjoy your family and of course the beach! The food you ate looks amazing and OCNJ is my favorite place to go in the summer as well! It must have been a well-deserved break from work for you

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