Part of my job at Obvi Boutique is to work directly with the owner to assist her with buying. Right now we are in the middle of buying more merchandise for the Christmas Season. My boss leaves out catalogs that she orders from for me to look through and write down products that I think would sell well in the store. This is my first look into buying outside of the classroom. 

I am learning that you have to separate your personal choice from what would work in the store. Although something may not be my favorite, I know that it would sell to our target demographic in the store. I am lucky that my boss trusts me to help her make big decisions. When I compared my list of items that I thinks she should buy to hers, we ended up having a lot of the same. I was excited because I know that we both have the same vision for the store and both see who the target market is. 



  1. I love buying! It's such a fun process. It's actually pretty difficult, at least I think, to put aside your personal preference and look for things people in the store would buy. Once you understand your target market though everything is easier. It seems like you know who your target market is!

  2. That sounds like such a fun thing to do! I agree, it may be hard to put aside your own taste and pick items that cater to the demographic of the store. It sounds like you have been good at doing that which is a good trait to have!

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