College to Career

The best part about working for the company, Barnes & Noble Collegiate, is that there is room for growth. Many professor’s at Drexel state that most graduates get positions at their previous co-op company. This may be true, but this is not a promise. From the very first moment you begin your co-op, the company is immediately observing you. Barnes & Noble strongly supports personal growth in the company. It is their preference to keep an employee to mold and teach, to ensure they are qualified to be promoted. This gives the company an advantage because the employees know and understand the company at all points.
I have officially declared my graduation date to be March of 2016, one term early. Because of this, my boss has had me begin the training process to be a buyer for the company. To think of having a career in the field I am actually graduating from feels like a dream come true. Thinking about a career is one of the most exciting things because I have such high hopes to really help make a company grow. I’m so excited to possibly become a head buyer for such a large company.

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  1. This is very true! I feel that even during an internship many employers are observing their interns to see if they could potentially be a good fit in the company after graduation. That is so amazing that you are starting the training program to be a buyer especially if you love the company that you are working for. Good luck!

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