Fresh Look

This week we did a huge re-merchandise of the giftware floor. We tried to give the giftware a new look so that more people would buy giftware. We were seeing giftware sales flattening out. We decided to switch up the glassware first. I worked closely with my co-workers to complete the job. We kept bouncing ideas off each other until we got a cohesive look. The outcome is something I am super proud of. Ever since we re-merchandised the floor we have had steady sales. We’ve sold a shot glass a day steadily since we re-merchandised them. The shot glasses used to just sit on the shelf and collect dust. It’s amazing how visual merchandising can help your sales so much.


One comment

  1. That is great that your sales increased after visual merchandising! I notice that trend in the store that I work in as well. Some type of merchandise might not be selling my the second you move it somewhere else it flies off the shelves!

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