Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

It is what all of those who work in retail do… What we cannot help but do! I mean, when surrounded by so many pretty things, how can you not?! Lets admit it, we spend half our paychecks at our own work. We work our butts off to make money from our stores, and end up giving the money right back. But everything is so cute AND we get a discount! It is impossible to pass up.

I am a shopaholic. To want to work in the vicious retail industry, you definitely have to have a love for material items. Every day at work I see something new, that I don’t necessarily need… but I want. This week I bought an oversized tote to be my new school bag. I previously had a backpack but just had my headphones stollen right out from the front pocket without me even noticing. So I bought a leather bag (no front pockets for people to steal from) with a gold metallic interior. The very next day I arrive at work and what do I see?! A gold metallic pencil case! (Refer to image below) The perfect pencil case to match my perfect new school bag. I didn’t need the pencil case but it was just too perfect to pass up… I bought it. It only gets worse. My new bag has a gold clasp right in the front that would be perfect to connect my keys to, instead of digging around the bottom, trying to find them. But who wants to constantly unhinge their keys from their bag every time they need to use them? I look over and a lightbulb goes off, lanyards! My work place has lanyards, that would be perfect to be the extension I need in order to leave my keys hooked and be able to use. I bought it. As for the pink laptop case, I will admit I bought that just because I have a discount.
We all do it. We all spend half our paycheck at our own workplace. Who can blame us when we’re always around cute things!


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