Inventory Management

Inventory management is extremely important in any retail setting. As part of my job I also take care of unpacking and checking all of the new shipments we get in weekly. Although this is a very tedious job I actually really enjoy it. I like to be one of the only employees that gets to see all of the new merchandise first. I go over all of the invoices and make sure there are no damages on any of the clothing. I also steam, tag, and hang all of the merchandise.

But my favorite part is getting to put it all out on the floor. My boss lets me decide where the new stuff should go so I spend a long time making sure it goes in the perfect place where it will be heavily shopped. Right now it is a little difficult to mix the summer and fall transition pieces. It has been so hot that customers see thick scarves and do not want to shop them. Its all about figuring out how to make things look the most appealing.


One comment

  1. I also get to unpack and take care of all the new shipments. It is the most amazing feeling getting a new design, opening the box, and seeing it came out exactly as you hoped! It is a Design and Merchandiser's christmas!

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