Another Job?

As the Summer and Co-op quickly comes to a close I have taken on another job that will follow me into the school year. I am now Social Media Coordinator at Drexelbrook Catering. Although I am familiar with doing social media for companies this is totally new to me because it is not in the fashion industry.

I am currently writing blog post, updating Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, and also attending events to take pictures. I am excited to do this job because it is something that I love in a new industry. I think that I will be able to learn a lot from a different industry that could really help me when I get a full time position after graduation.

When I am not working my co-op job I come into Drexelbrooks office. When I can not make it to the office I am given a work computer and am able to work from home. I am lucky to be able to keep this job in the fall because I can work from home and make my own hours which will help when school starts again.

My new desk! 



  1. This seems like such a good experience for you. Since being at San Lorenzo and Obvi this summer I am sure you have learned a lot about social media that will help you a lot in this new job! It is great that you are delving into a new industry to be able to experience social media in a different field.

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