This week I worked with my boss to come up with a creative marketing strategy. Drexel changed the orientation process so instead of groups coming throughout the summer, the freshman are moving in one week early and that is when orientation will be. Not having the orientations this summer has really provided a large loss in profit. So the challenge is to come up with a sign that will make customers want to buy everything right then and there.
Our top seller is the ugly Christmas sweaters. We decided that is the main product we want to promote. The sign will say “Ugly Christmas sweater season is right around the corner. Don’t be seen without one.” To make the sign captivating it cannot just have words, it needs images. We got multiple employees to put on the sweaters and we took awkward Christmas photos. It was such a fun time in which we all really got to bond! The sign has been submitted to headquarters and hopefully Drexel student’s will be seeing it within the next month.


One comment

  1. That is a great marketing strategy. It had never previously crossed my mind that having Welcome Week, instead of summer orientations, would affect the sales of the bookstore, but that makes sense. The students are probably much less likely to buy things on their own when they are moved in than when they are more excited about visiting, and perhaps still spending their parents' money. I believe these photos will increase the sales of the Christmas sweaters. Also, I think maybe one of the reasons why they are such a popular item is because they are so unique!

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