Visit Back Home

Since being in the city for the past six months, I have found myself missing my small hometown more and more. Working only three to four days a week gives me the chance to go home and visit my family. While I am there I try to take advantage of the outdoors and nature as much as possible. I live in a small town about an hour outside of Philadelphia. Although as a child I found it boring and wanting to move to the city as I get older I appreciate it more and more. Especially since I have been living on Wall Street for the past 6 months, it has been nice to be able to go home and get away from the crazy busy city life. While home I like to take my dogs on hikes and spend as much time in the fresh air as I can. As I come to the end of my Co-Op I am trying to get the most of the city while also spending time at home with my family before I move back to Philadelphia for my senior year.



  1. I totally know what you mean about appreciating home as you begin to live further away. I was homesick for fresh air when I was living in NYC also. That is so nice that you get to go home and spend time with your family and pups. It sounds much needed after 6 months on Wall Street! Your pups are adorable!

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