Rittenhouse Delays

Our Rittenhouse location has been experiencing some delays in its opening. First, there were construction issues which pushed back the opening a few weeks and now the land lord did not file for the correct permits. I’m a little lost as to what that all means but I know for me it means I don’t have a place to work for now. I would like the hours but I understand how hard it is to open up a new business and get everything in order. For the mean time, I am taking advantage of the time off and I am at the beach again just hanging out before classes or work starts. It is still gorgeous down here even though September is rolling in. I have a lot of friends down here still so we are going to the beach, out to dinner and enjoying the end of summer. Though I’d like to ideally be making money and working at the Rittenhouse location already, I can’t complain that I get a few more weeks of summer. I got to take my friends puppy on the beach for the first time and it was hilarious! She absolutely loved it. Here is Sheba looking regal with some sand on her nose.


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