The First Week

My first week of co-op at Alison Brod Public Relations was everything I had hoped for. The office is so incredible that it actually makes me excited to run around and help out. My first day started by going to the Starbucks next door and actually running into Jennifer Aniston which was an unexpected, amazing start to the day. My mentor, Brittany, walked me around explaining the beauty closet (I work for the beauty team), stacked to the ceiling with all of our client’s products, such as Urban Decay, L’Oreal, Nail Inc., Bliss and so much more. I was given three main brands to work with during my time here: Kerastase, L’Oreal, and Clarisonic. 
I’ve done so much already and can’t wait to keep learning more and more about the PR world. I’ve already gotten to witness an Urban Decay event and introduced myself to bloggers for, Elle, and a handful of others that I never imagined meeting on my first week here. Couldn’t be more excited to see what’s ahead.
from ABPR Instagram


  1. Meg, I am still very jealous that you ran into Jennifer Aniston on your first day of work! That is so awesome. I bet it is so much fun living in a new city while also being able to work with popular brands that we all love and buy. Which of the three main brands do you like the best? It sounds like you had a great first week and I can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. Hey Megan,
    Seeing Jennifer Aniston is an amazing start to your day! I have yet to have a celebrity sighting in New York. The clients that you work with are so awesome and it is probably really exciting to be able to see all of the samples. I'm sure that you are getting an amazing experience and learning so much there. I am looking forward to hearing more about your co op!

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