Week 2

My week so far has been very busy. I wasn’t fully trained before co-op began because I went to the Nicole Miller showroom with my boss and the current intern in NYC the day I was supposed to be trained. So I’ve been catching up on my work from last week and this week with the help of the old intern today. I am so thankful that she came in today because I had so much work to get done and I still needed to be trained. She trained me on the computer system where we have open orders, can check what items are available, etc., which is called AS 400, and also went through everything else that is really important while working as the wholesale intern. Although the work seems overwhelming right now, I am still having a lot of fun getting to know everyone and learning how to do everything. I have also been looking for a part-time job aside from co-op since it is part-time and unpaid. Although it is nice to have a long weekend, I would like to make some money and gain even more experience! Here is a nice picture of my dogs that my mom sent me to help me relieve some stress today!



  1. Hey Sydney! Your second week sounds really hectic but like it will definitely get better once you've been fully trained. The previous co-ops are so helpful and such a good resource for the programs and where things are located on the systems. While missing your normal training made things crazy, New York sounds cool and like a neat experience right off the bat. Hope next week gets a bit lets crazy for you, also your dogs are super cute!

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