week 2

Week 2 was definitely more of a challenge than Week 1. I was challenged to work independently and to be responsible of the tasks that needed to be done. It was definitely challenging but encouraged me to work harder and strategically. First off let’s start with the fact that transportation was a lot difficult without having a car. I was expected to run errands and riding back and forth on subways was a workout. I had to make sure I had an hour of time to run to the UPS store to get packages and back in time to the office. Despite the hassle, it was the best way to get my morning started and active.
This week my advisor challenged me to research a lot of upcoming ideas for the spring/summer line of 2016. I made inspiration board which was a lot easier to make because of the excessive use of photoshop and InDesign in class and the access to using FashionSnoops through Drexel Library resources. I’m just glad all these classes I took prepared me well enough. Not only was I asked to create an inspiration board, I was challenged to create my own arrangement of jewelry. My advisor pushed me to think creatively and explore a style according to my taste.



  1. It really seems like your co-op trusts you with big decisions and allows you to come up with things on your own, which is awesome! Thank god for pres. tech and the constant inspiration boards, I'm glad that helped you make a successful board. Bringing your own taste into the brand is so interesting and I can't wait to see how you do it.

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