My second week at ABPR was amazing. I spent the first couple of days doing mailings to editors like I typically do, but I also helped other interns with photoshop advice for press releases and for our annual ABPR Holiday event where we showcase everything for the holiday seasons that our clients have to offer. Although I am typically on the beauty team, the great thing about this job is I can still help out with any other team, as well. So for the event I helped the lifestyle team. The products I was showing to our guests were Illy coffee and coffee makers, Avion Tequila Espresso flavor, and Yoko Ono’s designs for Illy tea cups. It was a room filled with so many people I got to make connections with. I even got to get my hair braided in the salon thanks to Kerastase, something I never imagined would be happening when I walked into work that morning. There was also puppies up for adoption which of course was extremely hard to resist…
So far my time here has been incredible, and while it was busy for the event and a lot of hard work, I enjoyed myself. Next week I’m doing even more with photoshop which I’m really looking forward to. Can’t wait.



  1. I am glad you are enjoying your job. I commend you on being a leader and taking the initiative to assist other groups. Being a leader is something that your employer will notice and not forget. Continue to be that leader, network and shine bright. I look forward to hearing about your journey.

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