Week 3 @ Freedom Rains

This week I was greeted to the ever delightful question “Have you ever had Chick-Fil-A? It’s amazing.”And, to answer that question, I have had the unfortunate pleasure of eating at Chick-Fil-A. For my coworkers who have never had it though, they just opened up New York’s first ever Chick-Fil-A in Herald Square, luckily for them. While the raving of the fast food chain continued, the design team had work to do – or at least what was left of our already small team. This week, two of our designers and a few members from sales took a trip around Europe to curate inspiration pieces for the upcoming Fall line. This left our office feeling very quiet, but the break in the action gave myself and our technical designer a lot of time to get work done. We started the week off with a fitting, which I was very grateful to be included in. A fit model came in to try on samples of leather jackets we are working on for a private label project. I’ve never worked with a fit model before, so it was interesting to hear the amount of feed back she gave us throughout the fitting. She definitely gave us the view point of the real woman who would be wearing the jackets, which is important for a designer to not lose sight of when working with ready-to-wear pieces.

This week I got to go out to some leather wholesalers to source a mint green leather for another private label project. This one place that I went to, Global Leathers, was completely closed off from the public, which made me feel a little special walking in. While they had almost every kind of leather imaginable, even crazy things like exotic amazon fish leathers, they didn’t have many options in the mint green family. I basically had to take swatches of what I could find, but it was still a really cool to walk around their store and see everything. Back at the office, I have also been working on different variations of floral prints via Adobe Illustrator that will be stitched into a wool fabric. I was honored that the designers delegated this me as this was the first time I really got to use my creative skills since starting co-op. Although I’m still tweaking the print, I really hope that the fabric gets put into production!

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  1. That sounds amazing that your company allowed you to use your own creativity to make a possible fabric! That's something you can always brag about once you leave (: Your co-op sounds so cool and like you're getting a lot of experience in the field and even in NYC. Good luck!

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