Week 3 = Events

Everyone in the office was very busy this past week. More than once a lot of us gathered into an Uber and quickly went to an event for one of our clients. The highlight of this past week for me was most likely the Clarisonic for Keith Haring event I was sent to on Wednesday. It was in the most beautiful apartment in the West Village, with an incredible view of the entire city. I helped to set up goodie bags with the limited edition Clarisonic devices and signed people in at the door. One of the guests was the super model Coco Rocha which was really amazing. I couldn’t help but snap as many pictures as I could at the event just because it was set up so cool. The next day was slower, doing mailings and such, I even got to work the receptionist’s position, which was hard since the phone has more than 100 buttons on it. At one point, one of the employees asked me and another intern to go to a Clinique event where Rumer Willis was handing out free cotton candy, a very random spur of the moment aspect of my day.

Not related to work, I also visited Drexel for Fall Fest and it was such a nice break to see everyone again and have a really fun weekend with friends there. Now it’s their turn to visit me in New York.


  1. Funny enough, I use my Clarisonic every single day so I'm super interested in what the Keith Haring special editions look like (I might have to get myself one!). This post made me extremely excited for co-op and all the amazing opportunities I will have in the coming years. The pictures are amazing! By the way- Rumor Willis??? The random aspect of my day was that I ran into my friend at Plaza! Good luck with everything.

  2. After reading your blog post it only makes me more excited to go on co-op. Unfortunately, that’s still a few years away but a little excitement can’t hurt. It is really cool how you were able to work the Clarisonic for Keith Haring event and got to meet Coco Rocha. Its really cool how as an intern you have been able to experience such cool events and live in New York for a few months. Hope the rest of your co-op goes well and you get to attend more exciting events and explore New York!

  3. Hi Megan. I really love Clarisonic. This sounds like it was a great event, especially since you got to meet Coco Rocha! I am glad that you were able to get back to Campus and see some of your Drexel friends. I have been going home and back to campus on weekends. It is nice that NYC is close enough to do that. My mum has visited me in NYC but now it is my friends turn to come up and I can show them around. I am enjoying exploring the city.

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