Weeks 3 & 4

Things are certainly picking up over here at the Bellevue! A lobby level store is opening that will act as a 3D marketing device to push clients downstairs into the Salon & Spa. The shop will carry makeup, haircare, and skincare products, as well as offer make-up touchups and an appointment making service with the full Salon & Spa. The interesting things about this shop are that it a) is only expected to be around from November to February so there are monetary and stock investment dilemmas, and b) it will be open after a whirlwind one month of idea conception.

A large part of my job now is developing the branding for this shop. It will be called the Bellevue Salon & Spa Boutique, so there are branding needs so that in February when clients are saying “The Bellevue Salon closed” it won’t be confusing. Thus far I’ve developed the “coming soon” signage, the window treatments and header sign for the storefront, and I’m in the process of developing the business cards. It’s a lot considering there are also other events going on with the regular Salon & Spa, but when you open a store in 20 business days things have to move quickly.

Last week I attended the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator fashion show at
Macy’s which was really phenomenal. I’ve received emails from Drexel about attending in the past but never have, and having gone this year it was a fun time — especially seeing what goes into it.

I encourage everyone to sign-up to volunteer for Bellevue Gets Engaged on Sunday the 25th! It’s a really great event and I’ll be there capturing everything for social media!


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  1. I'm so jealous that you got to go to the Incubator show! Since hearing about it through Drexel, I've always wanted to go. It's great that you get to be involved with the store opening and setting up their graphics, etc. Opening up a retail space in 20 days will definitely be quite the experience, even if it is a crazy one!

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