S+S Week One

For my co-op I am working in New York City as the Fashion Stylist/Graphic Design intern at Snap+Style which is a start-up phone app that creates outfits using pieces from various brands that we partner with, and combine them with items from our customer’s personal closets. Our company just launched in September, so business is hectic as we attempt to establish ourselves. The biggest focus for Snap+Style right now is to spread the word about our services, and what better way to do so than to orchestrate events with local stores? My job for this week was to organize a shopping event with Rebecca Minkoff at their 96 Greene Street store in New York.  Due to their strict morning availability, we decided to provide pastries and mimosas and hold the event at 10am for the following Monday.  It was then left up to me to create an invitation, organize a guest list, and provide ideas for a gift bag, which was to be handed out to each attendant at the end of the event. I learned to be quick on my feet and always have creative ideas on deck for when I was asked my opinion. These tasks helped me to learn about the company and what they stood for while meeting my various bosses and co-workers.  


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