S+S Week Three

This was an exciting week of improvement as we upgraded to a huge corner office in the 79 Madison WeWork building where Snap+Style is located.  As the rest of the office continued on with their normal day-to-day work tasks, they left me in charge of ordering all the necessary supplies from desks and chairs to pens and pencils and everything in between. After everything was ordered and waiting to be delivered, I began working with an interior designer preparing to personalize our new office further. Interior design has always been a passion of mine that I never pursued, so I was thrilled to be given the chance to work in that area for the week. After many ideas were thrown around within the team, we decided to leave it all up to the designer to produce an office worthy for Snap+Style, with the hope that the new space will promote inspiration.

After hours, I had the opportunity to experience a Flyers vs. Rangers game in the one-and-only, Madison Square Garden.  It was so nice not to worry about homework assignments and to have the free time to explore the city and everything it has to offer.  



  1. That's so great that you guys have upgraded offices, I bet the view is great! It's also really neat that you get to explore other interests of yours. You'll definitely have to post pictures of the new office when it's all finished being decorated, I'm curious to see what the designer chooses!

  2. I think this co-op sounds like a great opportunity to explore so many different areas of working for a company! You've gotten to be an errand girl, stylist, interior decorator, and event planner, and they even trusted you to order all the office supplies! And from your description and pictures, it seems like you're handling it all really well. Working with a start-up is also exciting because you're helping them set the foundation for their business. I think that overall this will be a great experience and opportunity for you!

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