S+S Week Two

This was the week of the Rebecca Minkoff Event which I worked so hard to plan my first week.  The turnout was better than we could have imagined. Not only did the majority of people from our guest list attend, numerous more from the street came to participate in our event where we promoted 25% off all merchandise purchases. I learned all the benefits from holding an event such as this as we watched our popularity on social media grow. Later we celebrated with lunch at Laduree, a french restaurant which specializes in macaroons.  I was able to enjoy the luxuries of The Big Apple and had entirely forgotten I was working.

Later in the week, I experienced my first photoshoot with Snap+Style.  It was everything I imagined a photoshoot in New York to be, extremely hectic and stressful with a sudden lack for time.  Thirty minutes before it was time to leave for the shoot, we came to the alarming realization that co-founder Anna Jensen (model and my head boss), was unhappy with the dress we had selected for her to wear.  The only solution was to run to the nearest All Saints and buy a dress she would be pleased with.  It was only my second week on the job and I already found myself running through the city in heels with a garment bag in my hand.  I thought a situation like that was only true in the movies, I was wrong! In the end, it was neat to experience the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of a photoshoot and to see the beautiful end product.



  1. Hey Christina!
    Your co op sounds so awesome! I'm glad that you're loving it and learning a lot. I also helped plan an event at my co op and it was stressful at points, but all works out in the end. Thats so cool that you guys had such an amazing turnout. The photoshoot you attended sounds amazing! That's such a great experience for you. I can't wait to hear more about your job!

  2. Your co-op sounds really exciting so far, and also super stressful. But, it looks like all of the work you're putting in is beginning to pay off, especially through the Rebecca Minkoff event that you worked on. Also, I'm sure working a photo shoot for the first time is crazy hectic, but I'm sure the results are awesome!

  3. Your co-op sounds really interesting! You're doing such hands-on tasks, which are great experiences! It seems like you're starting to get a great insight on the fashion industry and how it works. Planning that event sounded stressful, but the hard work paid off since there was a great turnout. I enjoy keeping up with your co-op experience and I can't wait to hear more about it!

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