Week 4

At work this week, it was a lot slower, but a nice break from the typical pace of things. I found the most delicious bagel and coffee shop only a few blocks away from work on 3rd Avenue so I’ve started to make that a morning routine before heading into the office. On Wednesday I was sent to a Kerastase event, but only to help pack everything away; although I did get to take home the left over desserts, which wasn’t too bad. My mentor surprised me with an ABPR bag full of products from our clients, including a hot pink Clarisonic Mia which was so nice!
The rest of the week consisted of me meeting up with friends and walking around the city. Christina whose also interning in NY, and I went to the adorable restaurant Jack’s Wife Freda and spent the entire day walking around Soho. It’s so fun exploring this new city, yet so nice and easy to commute back to Philly to visit other friends whenever I’m a little homesick. I can’t wait to see what other amazing places I’ll wonder into.



  1. This blog was such a cool insight into what my life could be like in a few years. It sounds so exciting working at an internship and exploring the city. NYC is somewhere that I would love to end up as well so seeing this positive experience about working in New York was very encouraging. This person seems to be doing amazing things with their life and enjoying every second of it which is very inspiring.

  2. Meg, I'm so jealous you found a good bagel place! Drexel needs a good bagel shop on campus!!! Lucky you, you got to take home the desserts. I think I know which ones you're talking about from what I remember you telling me. I'm so glad you're able to explore the city, t seems like so much fun and you will remember all these memories for the rest of your life! Hope this week is going well for you.

  3. This blog is a really cool way to show freshmen of what their life can be like in a year or two when they are on Co-op! I can't wait to be working with fashion in NYC or another amazing city. You make a good point that working in New York is nice because you get to experience a new place, but its easy for you to come home to Philly. Soho is a great part of NYC and I'm jealous that you got to explore it, and discovered cute restaurants to eat at. Have a great rest of your Co-op!

  4. Hi Megan. I agree , it is so great exploring New York and all it has to offer. I have found a few good places to eat, including a really awesome burger place in Hell's Kitchen. My job and where I am staying is right in the heart of the Fashion District and very easy to get around. I have gone on many errands by walking, subway and even taxi! I usually meet one of Drexel friends who is also on Co-op, weekly and we go to dinner. As I said in an earlier post I have been going back to Philly on the weekends since it is so close. It is the best of both worlds.

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