Week 5: Preparing for Spring Preview

This week at Bollare consisted of preparing for next week’s preview. The past three days have been very busy and pretty stressful. The fashion team and I have been steaming and packing away all spring samples in the showroom bring to the preview. We are constantly getting in new shipments that need to be sorted through to see what will be shown at the preview. It is a great experience to get to see how such amazing events like these are prepared for. The events team has also been working extremely hard to plan the entire two days by ordering decorations and food. We will be having pastries and refreshments, such as donuts, for the editors coming to the event. The event will take place on Monday and Tuesday of next week. I’m very excited to be preparing for it and attending it. I am very appreciative to be able to play such a large role in helping out with the event!



  1. Even though it may be stressful right now it seems like you're doing good work. Make sure you don't stress yourself out too much though! It's good that both you and the events team has been so prepared the entire time.I'm sure the event on Monday and Tuesday will go really well

  2. Sam, I can relate with the process of planning an event and how stressful it can be! But you're right, it is so awesome that you are able to help out and play such a big role in the whole process! I'm sure the event will go perfectly, good luck!!

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