Week 5

This week definitely needed my computer skills to complete the tasks that I was assigned this week. My mentor/boss was sketching up new jewelry sketches for her spring/summer line and I was asked to research inspirations for her new line. I was able to use Drexel resources, and was able to access Fashion Snoops. This website is the most helpful and should be used to its advantage because it helped a lot with my research. Fashion Snoops had detail shots of every designer that did the spring 2016 and resort 2016 runway. I was able to gather enough images for several inspiration boards. Once   she finally designed new designs, she asked me to color chart all the different pieces that belonged to the jewelry. This allowed it to be easily interpreted to her manufacturers. In order to complete these tasks, I had to use Adobe Illustrator and photoshop. Thank goodness all those computer design classes which helped me a whole bunch in completing these tasks. Not only did I brush up on my Adobe skills, I impressed my boss even more by completing the tasks she didn’t even think I was capable of!



  1. It is so great when we are able to put all of our classes and things learned into real work! It sounds like you are having a great experience with being able to do research and help out with inspiration boards as well as use your creative skills.I am glad to hear your boss was impressed with your work. It will be something to add to your portfolio.

  2. That must have been such a good feeling when you impressed your boss like that! I think it's really great that you get to do so much creative work with your co-op, and it really seems like your boss trusts you a lot. Good luck with everything!

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