Back to Back Events

This was an extremely eventful week at the office for everyone. I felt like there were events every day of the week, with more than one at a time. Wednesday I was sent on a mission to find wigs that resembled the New York Met’s pitchers for one of our clients who was giving away costumes of the players. It was probably the most random request I’ve ever been asked of, but after running in and out of what felt like 30 different stores, I found a few wigs that worked. At the end of the week, the woman who had asked me to do that ran up to me and told me that the wigs I found and the story I was helping made the New York Post, so that felt like a huge accomplishment. Overall, Wednesday was just the busiest day of running around and helping as many people as I could.
On Thursday, I was asked to come in earlier than usual to the office to help for an event, and to stay late and travel to the Time Warner building to help work a Sugarfina event. Although it felt like the longest day of my life, both events were a lot of fun! For the first event I kind of worked as a bartender, packing people gifts of the panties and bras they picked out from the “bar”. It was fun to interact with all the editors and get to hear more about this new client of ours. I even got to take some free merchandise home with me afterwards. At around 3:00 pm, I followed an account executive from the lifestyle team to the Sugarfina event at the Time Warner building. I would be helping to set up goody bags of the candy, and check people in as they came to the event. It was the launch party for the first NY Sugarfina location, and it looked amazing. It was a glorified kiosk that was seen immediately when entering the building. I worked with a lot of the employees at ABPR, and was able to get to know them better, which was great. Waiters were walking around serving the guests champagne and gummy bears with 24K gold flakes in them, and now I can say that I’ve eaten gold before…never felt so fancy. The event perfectly fit the type of brand the company aims to be, and I was happy I was able to attend the private event that was such a big step for the company. Even though it was the longest day of co-op so far, I feel like I got so much out of it and can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!



  1. Meg, that's pretty neat you found the wigs you were looking for and that the story you were helping made the New York Post! I'm glad that you had a lot of fun with all of these events. Even though you had a really busy couple days it sounds like you're getting a lot of hands-on experience.The event looked really cool and I liked the idea of it being a “bar.” It's so nice you got to know a lot more of the employees working with you as well. Gummy bears and champagne, whatta beaut! I'm so glad you're having so much fun on co-op!

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