Bellevue Gets Engaged

These past two weeks have been pretty busy because there were two big events for Nicole Miller. Last week was the XIX Most Fashionable Women event that I talked about. The other event, Bellevue Gets Engaged, was this past Sunday for the Nicole Miller bridal line. I was there the entire day starting at 9AM, preparing for the show and getting everything set up. I helped with the goody bags, putting stuff in them and then organizing all of them in a room, and then helped getting everything else ready. There were a lot of vendors there such as cake and bakery vendors, photographers, and whatever else a couple needs for a wedding. Finally at 2PM the fashion show began and right before it started one of the employees asked me to sit VIP front row because there was an extra seat and I was in Nicole Miller clothes. It was such an awesome opportunity to be able to sit front row and watch the show. The dresses were beautiful, bride and bridesmaids dresses, and I was so grateful to be a part of this entire event! It’s pretty cool to say that I helped for an event from start to finish.

Yesterday I was back in the office and got caught up on my work, and also had to steam all of the clothes from the event that came back to the Manayunk store. I definitely know that I like working events more than being in an office but I’m glad I’m getting experience on both sides of this business. 



  1. Syd, the event sounds like it went really well, no doubt about that. That's pretty neat that you got to sit VIP for the fashion show while wearing Nicole Miller, it must have felt like such an accomplishment to see everything you've done for the event front and center. For me, events are one of the neatest things you can work on, so I'm glad you got to help and attend one fully!

  2. Hey Syd!
    It was so interesting to read about your experience! I'm so glad to hear that it went so well. The dresses look beautiful. It's super cool that you were able to get the VIP experience! It's an amazing thing that you are able to attend and help set up so many events! I also am able to do that at my co op and it's such a great experience.

  3. Your co-op seems really fun and educational at the same time. It is really cool that you were able to help with this event from start to finish as you mentioned, allowing you to essentially see every aspect of what goes into a successful show. In addition to the experience working, I found it very cool that you were asked to sit VIP front row and be able to experience the show. Your experience your getting on both sides is a very good thing, especially when trying to figure out where you want to go with your career. I can only hope I have a co-op similar to your and get to experience all aspects of the business. Best of luck with the rest of your time there!

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