The Evolution of Halloween

As you all know, Halloween is on Saturday and this holiday has evolved since I was a little girl. Halloween used to be about picking a cool costume and collecting as much candy as you can on Halloween night. I remember as a little girl going to Party City with my mom and picking out my costume. I would wear my costume to elementary to school enjoy the activities my teachers planned. My mom would take a million and one pictures of me in my costume to show everyone. Halloween used to be such an innocent holiday.
Now things have changed drastically. The older I got, the sluttier the costumes have become! Halloween is just an excuse for young people to get drunk and see who can wear the skimpiest costume without showing everything. Obviously we are too old to go trick or treating, but I never thought in a million years the way we celebrated Halloween would change this much.
I can bet you any amount of money that if you attend a Halloween party you will see at least two or three of the typical sexy, girly costumes. Every girl loves dressing up at some sort of scandalous cat for Halloween. I have no idea why, but I’ve noticed that it is probably the most popular costume for girls. Next, you will probably see a slutty schoolgirl costume accompanied by a very short skirt, glasses, and pink tails. After that, you’ll probably see a sexy police officer whose probably lost majority of her uniform trying to arrest you. Then, you might come across a nurse who has also forgotten half her uniform at the hospital trying to “make you feel better.” Lastly if you’re lucky, you’ll see a nun who is wear the exact opposite of what she should be wearing, if she’s wearing anything at all.






Despite all the alcohol and nudity on Halloween, stay safe and enjoy!

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