Week 6: Spring/Summer Preview

This week was the Spring/Summer 2016 Preview. It took place in a penthouse studio in midtown. We spent all day Monday at the studio setting up for the event. We were steaming and hanging all of the clothes on the racks. I also assisted the accessories team in designing the set up. It was an extremely long day, but I was really excited to see how it would look in the end. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had to wake up extra early to go and help the teams set up and get ready. Editors started arriving at 8:45 am to look at the samples. We were showing Spring/Summer clothes, sunglasses, shoes, watches, etc. As editors arrived, it was my job to greet them and direct them to where they needed to go. We offered coffee, juice, and mini donuts for everyone to enjoy. This was an amazing hands-on experience for me because I was able to participate in everything that my bosses did. I was glad to help and be able to be there for this amazing event!



  1. This event looks so cool! I bet you gained so much experience from this and got to do the same things as your bosses! I think it's really cool that you got to help design the accessories part of the event with that team, seems like you got a lot of hands on experience from this! Have a good rest of the week!

  2. I think it's great that you got to be a part of such a lovely event and gain total hands-on experience along with it! It can be stressful taking care of things and making sure they all tie in in synch together but nothing is more satisfying than seeing it all work out. I'm also glad you got to gain some personal skills greeting others and making sure everyone was taken care of, whether that be a drink or a question about the event! Nice work, the pictures look great! -Kevin Zaleski

  3. Reading blogs written by fellow students really inspires me for the future careers and co-ops that I will be able to explore and experience. Seeing the pictures she posted with her writing were also very cool and an amazing glimpse into the fashion industry. I can’t wait to work in a creative environment where I’m constantly surrounded by the things I’m passionate about.

  4. This sounds like it was a lot of fun! I love hands-on work like this, running around preparing for a preview. I bet it was hard getting up extra early and probably very stressful ensuring everything was set up properly for the editors to view. Its great getting to read about another aspect of the fashion industry, first hand The pictures look great and it sounds like you did a great job so I bet the preview was a success!

  5. Hands on experience is really important in the fashion industry. I recently had the opportunity to work backstage at the J Model Management fashion show in Paris. This is similar to your experience because I had to wake up super early to steam and hang up the designer collections in order to prepare for the fashion show. It's an exciting day but also nerve racking waiting for the show to start. The Spring/Summer preview sounds as though it was an awesome event and that you got great experience from it, which is the most important thing.

  6. The photos look amazing! Hands on experience is extremely important in the fashion industry and it seems like you got to see exactly how collection previews are held and operated for designers and companies. It sounds like it was fun and a success!

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